Church lights

Church lights are generally on the more subdued side of spectrum when it comes to interior lighting. After all, they are meant to create a quiet and contemplative atmosphere, and not compete for the churchgoers’ attention. The selection of church lights presented here combines elegant, understated forms with quality and precision manufacturing.

Pared-down, adjustable, rail-mounted spotlight, such as ‘Brick BML’, designed by Antonio Citterio for Ansorg, is also suited to function as a church light as is Kreon’s ‘Diapason Kwadro Horizontal’, a suspended, square aluminium frame that contains four rotating, adjustable floodlights. Álvaro Siza’s classically shaped pendant for Reggiani is an acrylic church light that comes in a range of bright, uplifting colours.

More ornate options are available too. Peter Schumacher’s ‘Leaf Lamp 80 pendant’ for Green Furniture Sweden AB is a large chandelier with wool “leaves” acting as a large, irregular, decorative lampshade. Formally more austere, Arik Levy’s ‘Collection CPA’ for Ansong offers a church light with a smooth, rectangular diffuser available in a series of colours and understated graphic patterns. Finally, the German manufacturer stglicht combines translucent glass with metal elements in rich, earth tones and simple forms to create a large variety of church lights, from the hanging, cylindrical ‘Phase P 3470’ to the wall-mounted, brass ‘Altea W 3169’.

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