Children's beds

Children’s beds are a compact, yet diverse, product group. This is not surprising, since this category combines beds for babies and toddlers, with those for older children. Some solutions offer to save space, while in other instances, designers aim to make children’s beds multifunctional, so they can be used for other activities.

For example, Nanna Ditzel’s 1963 ‘Lulu’, manufactured by Brdr. Krüger, is a wooden rocking cradle for small infants, its practicality increased by having wheels attached to its base. Minimöbel’s ‘Children’s bed’ is also a cot, but it is designed to allow conversion into a children’s table or a writing desk when its occupant grows out if it.

Catering to slightly older children are single beds, such as the understated ‘family affair bed no1’ by Blueroom, or ‘Spross’, a three-dimensional puzzle which consists only of plywood panels which are simply slotted together, designed by Christoffer and Karel Martens for Moormann.

Another option is a children’s bed which can be used as a sofa during the day. Designs such as Dora Monti’s ‘Fata’ and Giuseppe Viganò’s ‘Candy’, both for Bonaldo, also provide internal storage space where duvets and pillows can be stored during the day. Jörg de Breuyn’s ‘debe.decor Stacking beds’ consists of three small children’s beds that can easily be stacked on top of one another.

Sometimes, children’s beds are raised up, so that the space beneath it can be used as a play area, a storage space, or a place for another bed. In the case of Minimöbl’s ‘Elevated Bed’, the shelves which support the bed can also be used independently, in which case the children’s bed simply stands on the ground.

Also designed to be flexible, Mathias Demmer’s and Jörg de Breuyn’s ‘100B’ construction kit contains various elements, which can be ordered and assembled into a loft bed or a children’s four poster bed. And finally, the manufacturer LAGRAMA offers many options to maximise the use of space while integrating storage, such as their ‘Composition 8’ bunk bed, or ‘Folding bed’ which combines storage space with up to two folding children’s beds.

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