Changing room furnishings

Changing room furnishings, especially those found in sport and fitness facilities are mostly tough and functional products, as they need to withstand years of wear and tear from their users. Therefore, the featured selection contains a sturdy line of expertly manufactured products which can be adapted to fit most changing rooms.

All of the of the changing rooms furnishings in this selection are produced by the Dutch company van Esch and designed by Gerard Kerklaan. Their ‘Tertio’ collection comprises a steel frame designs with wooden slats used as seating. For example, the ‘Tertio BW’ is a wall-mounted bench, whilst ‘Tertio BVS’ is a freestanding variant with a shoe rack underneath the seat. ‘Tertio BEVS’ is a bench which features an aluminium clothes rail with hooks and is meant to be placed against a wall.

Different combinations of these changing room furnishings exist, such as ‘Tertio BEW+’, a wall-mounted bench with a clothes rail with hooks and an additional top shelf for added storage space or ‘Tertio BDVS’, a wide, freestanding bench with a rail and hooks in the middle, as well as a wide shoe rack underneath the seat. The manufacturer also offers a wide range of designs that include not only more changing room furnishings, but also products suitable for hallways, cloak rooms, receptions and more.

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