Ceiling mounted racks

Ceiling mounted racks, as the name suggests, offer an unusual way in which racks and rails are positioned and fastened in an interior. This leaves the floor free of obstructions and the adjacent wall can also be left untouched.

Manufacturer PHOS Design offers many different ceiling mounted racks, from ‘Hängegarderoben take 3’ which suspends three pivoting clothes hooks from a central, steel rod attached from the ceiling to ‘Hängegarderobe Take 3 Doppelt’ which places a steel rail and a glass shelf between two such steel rods. Their ‘Eckgarderobe G 500 VD’ places a thin, arched steel rod into a corner; the rail is then attached to the walls for stability, but a steel cable suspended from the ceiling bears the weight of the coats.

‘Tubulus T’ ceiling mounted rack, manufactured by van Esch and designed by Gerard Kerklaan and Maxime Szyf, is a simple, steel tube, suspended from the ceiling by two steel wires, but it does come with its own coat hangers. ‘Propellerjack PJ01’ is actually a technically sophisticated coat hanger, but can also be mounted on a wall and function as a hook, and to form a ceiling mounted rack, several pieces are joined together into a chain, onto which coats, hats, scarves and other items might he hung.

Ak47’s ‘Gang’ ceiling mounted rack is an actual chain, whose links protrude out and double as hooks. Opinion Ciatti’s ‘La cima’ is a thick, nautical rope onto which hooks are clamped. Teppo Asikainen’s ‘Oka’ for Inno operates on a similar principle; here a cylindrical element with clothes hooks is suspended from the ceiling by means of a steel wire, but can also be attached to a stand, making it a traditional, freestanding coat rack. And lastly, atelier oï’s ‘Prêles’ ceiling mounted coat rack, produced by Atelier Pfister, actually shapes the suspended rope into hooks and coat hangers as it goes down to meet the ground, eliminating need for any additional elements.

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