Ceiling mounted coat racks

Ceiling mounted coat racks are a little uncommon, but certainly not a completely novel way to hang our coats. Indeed, they are just as functional as any coat rack, and perhaps even more so, since many of them can be positioned in the middle of open-plan spaces, unlike wall-mounted coat racks.

In some cases, however, walls are still needed for secondary support and stability. ‘Eckgarderobe G 500 VD’ by PHOS Design, for example, is a tubular steel arc, inserted into a corner, suspended from the ceiling by a wire. Coat hangers are a necessary addition to this coat rack.

The same manufacturer also produces the ‘Hänggarderobe Take 5’ ceiling mounted coat rack, a steel rod suspended from the ceiling with five hooks attached at its base. ‘Hänggarderobe Take 5 Doppelt’ combines two of these ceiling mounted coat racks, and connects them with a steel bar and a glass hat shelf, further increasing its storage capacity.

Gerard Kerklaan’s and Maxime Szyf’s ‘Tubulus T’ ceiling mounted coat rack for van Esch is a straightforward rack suspended from the ceiling by steel wires, accommodating a series of coathangers.

This approach is countered by Opinion Ciatti’s ‘La Cima’, a thick, nautical rope suspended from the ceiling with clamped-on metal hooks. In a similar vein, Valvomo’s and Teppo Asikainen’s ‘Oka-A’ ceiling mounted coat rack for Inno is a series of robust, sculptural, thorn-like hooks attached on a thin steel wire, available in bright colours.

Lastly, Dina Rey’s ‘Propellerjack PJ01’ for DEGAS is a series of swivelling, aluminium coat hangers, which can be linked together, and function as a ceiling mounted coat racks, the coat hangers’ appendages serving as hooks.

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