Cantine tables and benches

Canteens, sometimes called dining halls, cater to larger numbers of people within an organisation, be it a large private company or a public institution such as a school, or a hospital. Canteen table and benches provide a comprehensive, matching solution to furnishing these spaces, and their inclusion in a thoughtfully designed interior can enhance communal meal times.

Consider Johan Lindau’s ‘Ping-Pong’ canteen table and benches for Blå Station, an ensemble which combines clean, orthogonal surfaces of solid glued pine and a polished steel crossbar. Additionally, this design’s length, height and width can be further specified, ensuring a perfect fit.

In a similar vein, James Burleigh’s ‘Waldo 45’ is also a rectilinear, minimal design with solid wood edge details, though its surfaces are coated with colourful laminate, increasing its durability and providing a cheerful addition to any canteen. This canteen table and benches can also be customised to desired dimensions. The ‘Inside Out’ range by the same manufacturer emulates the classic, clean lines of the aforementioned design, but is clad in a more resistant laminate material, which patinates with age, and has steel joints, making it wholly suitable for outdoor use.

Lastly, Wim Segers’s and Ronald Mattele’s ‘Cassecroute Table’, manufactured by CASSECROUTE, comprises canteen table and benches made of coated, recycled aluminium, while their shared base is made out of steel. This not only means that single lengths of up to 14 metres can be produced, but also that the product is wholly suitable for outdoor use, has a warranted lifetime of 3 to 4 generations, and can be fully recycled once it is not needed anymore.

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