Cantine benches

Canteens, having high capacity and turnover, demand studier furnishing than restaurants. Canteen benches are therefore quite straightforward affairs, though this does not mean that they are overlooked by high-end manufacturers or product designers.

For instance, Piero Lissoni’s ‘Groove’ canteen bench for Porro is a minimal design crafted from solid wood with two inclining base supports. Bedont’s ‘Shira bench’, designed by Steffen Kaz and Catharina Lorenz, is a rectilinear canteen bench with a clearly articulated wooden structure and a high-quality laminate seat.

All canteen benches are designed to be easy to clean. ‘Rubber Bench II’ by Heerenhuis is robust design with a rubber top, making it even more practical. Lastly, Karl Auer’s ‘loft bench’ for TEAM 7 is a stripped down, traditional wooden design, but can be complemented by matching seating cushions, increasing the sitter’s comfort.

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