Cable management

Though wireless data is now common throughout, wires and cables – whether for data or power – still prove to be practical and necessary in any office. Therefore, complementary furniture aimed at cable management is of great importance when it comes to creating an integrated, efficient and safe workplace.

Many cable management systems aim to create harmony between different office furnishings. For example, Item Design’s ‘OS OfficeSecret Bench’ integrates cable management within privacy screen stands and desk-dividing shelves. Gabriel Teixidó’s ‘AIre Complements’ for ARIDI is a minimalist table with a glass top and an integrated cable channel within its support structure.

In some cases, cable management accessories, mostly cable channels, can be attached below or beside a desktop. These include Swedstyle’s pragmatic, angular ‘Concept Flex Cable holder’; Tomas Svensson’s ‘Halfpipe’ cable management for Götessons; Systemtronic’s rectangular ‘Omega’ and DVO’s ‘DV300-Accessories | Inspectable cable’, which is a channel made from metal wire that enables easy access, and indeed, inspection. DVO also manufactures hatches, such as the aluminium ‘DV300-Accessories | 2 way top access’ which can be inserted into desktops and provide easy connection when needed.

In some cases, power and data extension cords with multiple sockets can significantly reduce the amount of cables. These include Georges Moanack’s rounded ‘ES 01 Extension Socket’ for Punkt; Scott Wilson’s and Minimal Design’s minimal ‘Power Pod’, manufactured by Coalesse; and DVO’s ‘DV 300-Accessories | Wired tower’, a fixed pole which offers multiple data and power connections at desktop height.

Lastly, CBS’s ‘Slinky’ is a more ad-hoc cable management solution, a small, freestanding pole around which cables can be grouped and distributed, so that they no longer present a hazard, stretched across the office floor.

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