Cabin beds

Cabin beds are ideal for kids’ rooms; not only does the child gain a symbolic nest, from which he or she can watch over the room, but the space underneath can become a sheltered work or play area, or even free up a space for another bed. However, unlike a bunk bed, the second bed is wholly independent from the first one.

This range of possibilities is offered by the colourful ‘Composition 35’, ‘Composition 3’ or ‘Composition 6’, manufactured by LAGRAMA. The same manufacturer also presents ‘Folding Bed’, a cabin bed that can be folded away when not in use, thus allowing taller children, as well as adults, to use the space to the full extent during daytime.

Mathias Demmer’s and Jörg de Breuyn’s 100B modular kit enables construction of not only a four poster bed, but also a cabin bed, becoming ‘100B as a high bed’ or, provided that the right parts of the kit are ordered, the ‘100B as a loft bed’, where an upholstered bench is located underneath the sleeping area.

Minimöbel’s ‘Elevated Bed’ spans two high bookshelves, but once disassembled, its three components can be used wholly independently of each other. And lastly, Flötotto’s modular ‘Profilsystem’ cabin bed forms a part of an extensive range of furniture, which includes sideboards, cupboards, cots, desks, shelves, and trolleys; and is a sober, amiable design, which exposes its wooden structure and pairs it with infill panels from engineered wood.

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