Bunk beds

Bunk beds are not only practical space-saving solutions for a children’s room but often offer more privacy for each child. Some precautions must be taken, however, the top bunk needs to be surrounded by a railing to stop the child from rolling out of bed during sleep, with a ladder providing access.

Blueroom’s ‘family affair bunkbed dreambox’ is a simple, understated plywood bunk bed that can be used for children’s play during the day and sleep during the night. Marc Newson’s ‘Bunky’, manufactured by Magis, is a robust, rounded, plastic and primeval in its cabin-like form.

In the case of Flötotto’s ‘Profilsystem’, the bunk bed is just a small part a wider, modular, product range which includes desks, tables, cupboards, sideboards and shelves. And finally, the manufacturer LAGRAMA integrates bunk beds with storage systems in ‘Composition 7’ and ‘Composition 8’. If even more space needs to be saved, LAGRAMA does produce ‘Folding bed’, a bunk bed that can be tucked into a cupboard when not occupied.

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