Built-in cupboards

Built-in cupboards have one main advantage: they can be seamlessly integrated within an interior, while offering relatively large amounts of storage space. Many of the systems presented here also cater to more specific demands and can be fitted into a corner, or under a sloping ceiling.

For example, LEMA’s 1997 ‘Armadio al Centimentro’ is a modular, made to measure system, where the user determines the height, width and composition of modules, along with the type of doors, in order to ensure a perfect fit. Similarly, Giuseppe Bavuso’s ‘Cover’ built-in cupboard, manufactured by Rimadesio, is a carefully detailed system which hides any visible hinges and fixing elements for a flush finish.

Because built-in cupboards occupy space alongside a wall, thereby becoming a part of the architectural definition of the room, their doors turn into an important feature. Francesco Bettoni’s and Ivo Pellegri’s ‘Madras® glass for furniture cladding’ for Vitrealspecchi consists of specially acid-etched glass sliding doors. ‘raumplus home’, made by raumplus, features custom made sliding doors with an almost endless possibilities of infill panels and patterns, that can be used as a front for a built-in cupboard, but also as sliding doors within the home.

Molteni & C’s ‘Gliss Quick’ is a system of built-in cupboards, which can also function as an effective room divider, or even a fully fledged wall, with a portal connecting two separate spaces. Mirror doors, such as those of Rolf Heide’s and Peter Kräling’s ‘S 07’, manufactured by interlübke, are a design feature that takes advantage of the relatively large front surface area of built-in cupboards, optically enlarging and brightening up the space they are in.

And finally, raumplus’s ‘Dachgeschoss’ and ‘S 720 sliding door system’ are both built-in cupboard systems which can be adapted to fit underneath a sloping roof. The former consists of partially open shelving, while the latter has large, fully functional sliding doors, even underneath the sloped ceiling.

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