Brochure / Magazine display stands

Visitors to any organisation, be it a small private office, or a large public institution, will appreciate a brochure or a magazine stand in the reception area, whose content can not only help them bide their time, but, if carefully selected, can help broadcast messages about the firm’s values and aspirations.

‘Cord’ shelf, designed by Sandin & Bülow, is an angled, wooden, wall-mounted magazine display stand, whose contents are fastened by two elastic cords. It is an ideal small scale solution, however, if repeated, it can also hold large amounts of brochures and magazines. A similar modular concept is used in Caimi Brevetti’s ‘Socrate Parete’, though its shelves are made out of a metal sheet, and feature a row of round perforations.

Bjørn Jørund Blikstad’s colourful ‘ImeubleCl’ for By Corporation is a little more unusual, here wall-mounted hexagonal compartment are subdivided into even smaller, diamond-shaped units, which might not be ideal for display, but encourage active exploration of their contents. Lasse Pettersson’s and Lennart Notman’s ‘Slope’ magazine display stand is a large, narrow, minimalistic, wall-mounted shelf materialised wholly from wood, displaying all of its contents without any obstructions.

There are also freestanding magazine display stands, some take the form of zig-zagging shelf columns, such as Jonas Bohlin’s wooden ‘Zink’ for Källemo with a triangular, concrete foot; or Isao Hosoe’s ‘Albero’ magazine display stand, made fully from glued glass, standing on a revolving base. Thomas Bernstrand’s ‘Subway’ for Materia is also a freestanding column, but is actually a cylinder, and when filled with magazines and brochures, resembles an advertisement pillar.

Fredrik Mattson’s ‘Block’ for Horreds is a magazine display cabinet, the likes of which are often found in libraries or bookshops, and Planning Sisplamo’s ‘Look’ is a modular, castor-mounted shelving system for large capacity storage and display. Lastly, while most of the designs mentioned are chiefly meant to display magazines, Pascual Salvador’s ‘Acta’ for Vilagrasa is a range of clear tabletop furnishings, as well as larger freestanding display stands, specifically designed for brochures and flyers.

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