Brochure / Magazine display stands

In a reception area, brochure and magazine display stands present carefully selected material, which communicates organisation’s goals and values. However, they can also be used in a break-out area or an employee lounge, where they contribute to a more inspiring work environment.

The brochure and magazine holders in this selection are suitable for both purposes. Lasse Pettersson’s and Lennart Notman’s ‘ Slope SLV6611’ for Karl Andersson is a long, rectangular, wall-mounted, plywood shelf with a leaning back panel. Thomas Harrit’s and Nicolai Sørensen’s ‘KNAX net’ for LoCa is a minimalist magazine display stand, consisting of a wooden frame and compartments made from elastic netting.

Also wall-mounted, Swedish Ninja’s ‘Xhibit’ magazine display stand for Mitab is a transparent, modular, metal shelving system; while Lukas Wick’s and Roger Rimmele’s ‘Spine M’ by is a vertical, wall-mounted element, which allows magazine and books to be slotted in by their spines.

Naturally, freestanding magazine display stands are an option too. Gianluigi Landoni’s ‘Dox’ for Sovet is a glass magazine rack with a metal base, which can be put by the side of a lounge sofa or a waiting area bench. Isao Hosoe also uses glass for his ‘Albero’ for Tonelli, a transparent, zig-zag pillar on a revolving base, and Jans Bohlin’s ‘Zink’ magazine display stand for Källemo has this shape too, but the sloping shelves are made of wood, and the foot is a triangular, concrete prism. Jonas Forsman’s ‘Window’ for Abstracta is an acoustic, felt-covered, room-dividing element, whose fragmented surface accommodates display platforms for magazines and brochures.

A large scale solution is provided by Fredrik Mattson’s ‘Block storage unit’ for Horreds, a minimally detailed magazine display stand, the likes of which are often found in libraries and reading rooms. Inversely, Pascual Salvador’s ‘Acta’ range for Vilagrasa contains a line of transparent, tabletop brochure display stands from methylacrylate, suitable for small-scale, flexible and temporary showcases, while Planning Sisplamo’s ‘845M Wall display “Expo-Wall”’ is a large, metallic notice board, where a variety of wire trays store and display magazines and brochures of different sizes.

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