Brainstorming / Short meetings

Today’s collaborative, team-driven approach, whether in a private office, a public institution or academia, demands that colleagues and collaborators hold frequent meetings and brainstorming sessions. Usually, areas for such activities are not wholly closed off from their surroundings, but a certain degree of privacy and acoustic insulation is desired.

Sometimes, this can be achieved with additional room dividers or screens, or a clever position of the short meeting area away from the main work-floor. In any case, Pekka Toivola’s ‘Chat’ standing table, an understated affair whose tabletop can be used as a whiteboard, is a fine example of this approach. More informal, PLD Design Group’s ‘Intima Modular’ line of furniture for short meetings links together a series of lounge chairs into a circular or linear arrangements, depending on the users’ wishes.

Peter van de Water’s ‘Team | 6115’ brainstorming ensemble for Cascando includes two desks, a seating area with a sofa and two upholstered stools, as well as a sofa with a computer side table, all arranged to accommodate effective, inspiring brainstorming sessions and short meetings. Friis & Moltke Design’s ‘K2 Meeting’ is a round table surrounded by a series of colourful stools, bfacilitaing fair, balanced and fruitful discussions.

And finally, Carmen and Urs Greutmann Bolzern’s ‘LO Mindport Work Lounge’ for Lista Office, recipient of the Red Dot Award, as well as Oki Sato’s and Nendo’s ‘Brackets’ for Kokuyo, feature high, protective backrests in order to ensure privacy during short meetings. However, the former is set into an enclosed pod, where the configuration and individual pieces are fixed; the latter is a modular system allowing the client to adapt it to his or her organisation’s requirements.

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