Storage boxes are an important part of any garden. Here, one can stow away any gardening equipment and toys, or, if the box is large enough, perhaps even some folding furniture and cushions. Although the product group is not overly large, the selection offers a broad spectrum of solutions, manufactured to highest functional and aesthetic standards.

Take Weishäupl’s series of boxes, starting with the simple, all teak ‘Deck chest’ that can be simply set up anywhere against a wall, and ending with ‘Deck 3 element’, a larger sideboard with three sizeable compartments, drawers and a stainless steel top. Ethimo’s ‘Barth Trunk’ is also a simple box, but it is made from woven synthetic fibre to ensure its longevity and in order to match the extensive choice from similarly materialised garden furnishings.

Gartensilber’s ‘Kissentruhe’ box, on the other hand is a strictly orthogonal, metal design that is sure to withstand the elements and protects its contents against any weather. Although the TRADEWINDS-manufactured ‘Fresh*r’ box resembles an old-fashioned trunk, it is actually insulated to keep its content, such as food or drinks, cool in the summer. Lastly, Studio Segers-designed ‘Daily Needs’ line is a system of house-shaped modular boxes from European pinewood, intened for urban farming. As such, these boxes can also double as planters.

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