Book display stands

Book display stands, similar to brochure or magazine displays, can act as a welcome distraction, and an opportunity to present one’s institution with a carefully chosen book, they tend to be smaller in scale and often serve as small standing tables, so that the book can be read on the spot.

The selection of book display stands featured here is small, but diverse. Massimo Mussapi’s aluminium ‘Capo Verso’ for Segis is an almost upright stand with elastic straps, and comes both in a short and tall variety, the former suitable to stand on tables and desks, the latter as a freestanding option.

Hadi Teherani’s angular ‘LEVEL Side table’ and ‘LEVEL Cocktail table’ for Schönbuch are part of a range of hallway furniture, which feature a coat stand, and an umbrella rack as well, and can be combined to create a complete entrance ensemble.

Jasper Morrison’s ‘NesTable’ for Vitra is a height-adjustable book display stand with a slightly sloping surface, and can function as a standing desk for a laptop as well. Finally, Joerg Gaetjens’s ‘Der kleine Lehner’ book display stand for Moormann is an elegant, understated, wooden, wall-leaning desk, though it can also be ordered with a third leg and stand freely in space.

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