Bistro tables

Bistro tables are small dining tables designed for outdoor use. Over time, they have found a way into gardens and parks and onto balconies and terraces, though they still remain a much-loved sight on the pavements outside restaurants in European towns and cities.

Oxley’s Furniture’s ‘Brownian Pedestal Table’ is cast from aluminium, but assumes the form of a highly decorative, almost classical piece. Conversely, Anita Nevens’s ‘b-linen’ bistro table for Colect is a minimalist, angular design with a stainless steel base and matching chairs. Gunilla Norin’s hexagonal ‘Viken’ bistro table, manufactured by Skargaarden, is made from teak and can be folded to allow easy storage and transport. Unopiù’s rectangular ‘Foldy’ is a delicate steel bistro table available in a wide range of bright colours.

For an iconic, modernist bistro table, turn to Charles and Ray Eames’s ‘Contract Table’ for Vitra that features a four-star aluminium and steel base and a lacquered, laminate top. Atelier Alinea’s ‘The triangular garden table’ is a small, workmanlike, three-star, triangular reinterpretation of this type. Designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, EMU Group’s ‘Mia | 417’ is a durable, sober, square bistro table made from steel sections and available in white, black and red. Fabrizio Batoni’s ‘vela S pedestal base’ for Resol-Barcelona Dd unites contrasting geometries and materials by having an expressive, composite fibreglass base with a square, glass top.

Teresa Sapey’s ‘Adan table’ for Vondom is a whimsical sculpture, where a large, plastic block in the shape of triangulated human head acts as a bistro table. Jean-Marie Massaud weaves a delicate base from steel onto which a round, glass table top is mounted, resulting in EMU Group’s ‘Heaven | 493’. Lastly, Dirk Wynants and Xavier Lust take a large sheet of aluminium and make just two incisions, after which they are able to bend it into ‘Picnik’ bistro table for extremis.

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