Bird houses / feeders

Bird songs are one of the pleasures afforded by the the great outdoors and any garden can become a safe haven for songbirds, providing safe shelter throughout the year and food in in winter.

Bird feeders serve primarily as to provide food to small birds. As such, Droog’s ‘Birdhouse’, designed by Marcel Wanders, is a playful misnomer, as its name derived from the typical roof underneath which a porcelain plate for bird feed is suspended. Another playful design is 040studio’s ‘piepshow shark’, in which a folded plate of metal with a silhouette of shark’s jaws becomes the bird feeder. For those who live in the Americas, a specially designed ‘Hummingbird Feeder’ by J Schatz is a great way to attract the tiny feathered creatures. Made from brightly-coloured stoneware, this hanging bird feeder resembles a giant, exotic flower.

Bird houses, on the other hand, offer a sense of shelter to its inhabitants, and often approximate the shape of a house. This is the case with Filippo Pisan’s ‘Nest n°1’, a suspended bird house with an asymmetric, corten steel roof and wooden walls. Peter Keilbach’s ‘Twitter Nesting Box’ is a more austere birdhouse, shaped like a cube. It can be either hung on a wire or attached to a wall. Koike Atsushi, Tae Suzuki and Zero First Design’s ‘Stick up Bird house’ for Deesawat is made from wood and rests on a slender pole which can be inserted into the ground, or a specially-made base element. Finally, it might be more accurate to call Danio Premoli’s ‘O-Nest-O’ for De Castelli a bird apartment instead of a bird house. This large, hanging flowerpot made of stainless steel incorporates a planter at the top and multiple separate units for birds in its body.

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