A bedframe is the lower part of the bed supporting a mattress, and the selection presented here showcases designs which are intended primarily as a base, but of course, the designers’ skills transform even this pragmatic brief into an artful outcome.

A perfect example of such approach is Tojo Möbel’s ‘system’, which arranges 81 beechwood slats on a grid of 9 columns, making it easy to assemble, dismantle, store and transport. eigenwert-designed ‘lieg’, manufactured by the same company, mounts broad wooden slats on a zig-zag, extendable foot section, meaning that the bedframe can used to accommodate different mattress sizes.

Atelier Haußmann’s ‘Sevenfeetup’ is a tall, slender, tubular steel bedframe that suspends the mattress relatively high, so that it appears to float. On the contrary, ‘Letto Right’, a frame for a single bed , designed for Morelato by Luca Maria Patella, plays with traditional forms and paints the slats of the headboard and footboard in cheerful colours.

Pinuccio Borgonovo’s ‘Big’ for Former is an opening, slatted bedframe that encloses a large storage space underneath. Flou’s ‘Comfort Base’ is a high-quality box-spring which supports the mattress above it, and allows for ventilation and a c
omfortable, ergonomic weight distribution.

Pino Pedano’s ‘Junco’ achieves the same comfort, but with a more airy look, as it hoists up a series of wooden slats, attaching them to the framework by means of elastic rubber components. And for those who already have a set of wooden slats, Carmen Buttjer’s ‘Tagedieb’, manufactured by Moormann, is an angular, plywood bedframe, which can be assembled without any screws.

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