Bed headboards

Not all beds are equipped with a bed headboard, this can be a conscious decision on the designer’s part, because he or she may be striving for a more minimal aesthetic, or because some types of beds, such as the box-spring, do not usually come with a headboard.

Should that be the case, an additional headboard can be purchased to complement the bed. As headboards are often upholstered, this can increase comfort whilst sitting in bed, and also improve the room’s acoustic properties.

Treca Interiors Paris, a prominent bed headboard manufacturer, offers a wide assortment of headboards. For example, the Andreas Weber-designed ‘Collection Prestige | Kopfteil Play’ is a large, restrained design, which can be upholstered in fabric as well as leather. His ‘Collection Prestige | Kopfteil Tokyo’ is smaller by comparison, but its narrow top panel creates wraps small symbolic wings around the bed.

Anette Lang’s ‘Collection Platinum | Kopfteil Diamant Brut’, on the other hand, recalls traditional luxury with its diamond-quilted upholstery, and ‘Collection Prestige | Kopfteil Versailles’ approximates the shape of a flattened, 18th century bed headboard.

Nilson Handmade Beds, another prominent manufacture of beds bed headboards, offers the sober, upholstered, and prosaically named ‘Square’, the broad ‘Menton’, designed by Marcel Wolterinck, which embraces the bed and leaves room for night stands, and FG stijl-designed ‘Kyoto’, a wooden headboard which can be ordered with matching side tables. All the of these bed headboards can be ordered with integrated lighting.

‘Kairos’ bed headboard, manufactured by ARLEX design and conceived by odosdesign, is a comprehensive system which also includes night stands and bedside shelves. Morelato’s ‘Letto Uno Sull’Altro’, designed by Ugo La Pietra, is a wooden headboard with a slightly haphazard distribution of shelves directly above the bed. And lastly, ARKAIA’s ‘Kool Headboard’ is a more subdued, wooden affair, consisting of a rectangular frame with an infill of playfully criss-crossing posts.

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