Bed covers / sheets

Bed covers and sheets are at the final stage of furnishing a bedroom. They are used to cover mattresses, duvets and pillows, and the products presented in this selection often contain harmonising set of covers for these different elements.

The choice of a bed sheet or a bed cover is not only guided by aesthetics, but also by the users’ preference for a certain type fabric. Some might prefer the luxurious, glossy softness of satin-woven cotton, as used in Christian Fischbacher’s ‘Satin uni’ range of bed covers, or silk in the appropriately named ‘Silk’ collection of bed sheets and bed covers by the same manufacturer.

A comprehensive collection of high-quality bed covers, designed by Alessandra Comi, Emanuela Pozzoli and Enzo Pozzoli for Poemo Design, also includes many possibilities: from pure linen, used for ‘Bed set H’, to hemp, used in ‘Bed Set E’ to cotton satin used in ‘Bed Set G’. All the designs mentioned above are available in various colours to best match customers’ tastes and needs.

Another option is to choose patterned prints on bed covers. Manufacturer Flou offers three different types of patterns on their ‘Bia Bed linen’ range: one may choose either fresh floral prints, but also between bold, or more subdued, graphic patterns. ‘Midsummer day’ is another bright, floral design. Available in two different colour tones , it is produced by Christian Fischbacher.

A more abstract, yet not any less vibrant, design is Claudia Caviazel’s Atelier Pfister-manufactured ‘Luven’ set of bed covers, whose large print emulates the look of large, colourful ink blots. A more minimal, but richly patterned set of bed covers and sheets is ‘Plus and Cube’, designed by Anne Lehmann for Normann Copenhagen. The bed covers in this collection feature subtle prints of squares and pluses, giving them a discreet, yet distinctive, presence.

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