Barrier systems

Barrier systems are essential in larger entrance and reception areas, whether in public or private buildings, offices, airports, galleries, or restaurants, and are especially helpful in facilitating queue management and ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience for visitors.

Barrier systems are mostly functional affairs: their design and production relies more on quality manufacturing than on formal exuberance. Michael Koenig’s ‘Stand by me’ barrier system for FLORA, consists of slender metal rods mounted on a powder coated tripod bases. This basic formal typology is followed by Marcel Signalétique’s ‘Q-borne’, but the posts are made of wood and the base is a solid disc. Also note that while the former suspends cord between the posts, the latter uses custom, rubber straps.

Michele De Lucchi’s and Sezgin Aksu’s ‘Koala/Battista’ for Caimi Brevetti is an all-metal design, but offers the possibility of spanning the posts either with a cord, or a retractable tape. Vilagrasa’s ‘Cua 1’, Systemtronic’s ‘Trec’ and Planning Sisplamo’s ‘808 Retractable planning guides’ are all barrier system using retractable tape too.

In ‘Capo Banda’ from Segis, Massimo Mussapi combines the two types: the retractable tape hangs between two posts like a cord. And lastly, Planning Sisplamo’s ‘804 Queue guides “Luxe”’, made entirely from polished brass, is a barrier system suited to any red carpet event.

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