Barbeques have become the epitome of leisure and conviviality and share an almost primeval connection with food and warmth. Barbecue grills come in all shapes and sizes in order to tailor their appeal to consumers with different preferences.

For example, Mats Broberg’s and Johan Ridderstråle’s ‘BBQ Grill 300 gas’ is a minimalist, angular, gas-powered barbecue, whose reliability will ensure a relaxed atmosphere. Those who prefer a more traditional aesthetic can choose ‘T-Bone Corrida Edition’, a comprehensive outdoor kitchen complete with a metal chimney and a barbecue, which can use charcoal or a gas and even function as an outdoor fireplace. Dirk Wynant’s ‘Qrater’ for extremis is a shallow, weathering steel bowl supported by a steel base. This altogether modern design nonetheless transforms into an archetypical open fire when the wooden logs arranged in its centre are lit.

Similarly contemporary, Radius Design’s ‘fireplate’ barbeque includes an armature that supports a metal grill, adding a degree of practicality to the design. Raffaele Lazzari’s ‘Menu’ for Metalco Home is a steel barbecue with aluminium supports, a practical, round container for charcoal with a lid to aid the cooking process. Another barbecue manufactured by Metalco Home is the ‘In-Vitto kitchen trolley’ designed by Alfredo Tasca, Marco De Luca and Raffaele Lazzari. This is in fact a complete kitchen, a sophisticated, stainless steel modular system that contains sink, hob and electric barbecue modules.

Attika Feuer’s ‘EOS’ is more akin to a weathering steel sculpture, where three intersecting planes create an elevated platform that features a wood-fired barbecue. And while Ivano Losas’s and Matteo Galbusera’s ‘Zero’ for Ak47 appears to be a large, round coffee table, it actually contains a fireplace in its centre and its edges serve as a storage for firewood. Finally, Wolfgang Pichler uses a robust concrete base and a delicate steel armature that holds the grill above the flame in Viteo-manufactured and aptly-named ‘Pure Firetable with Grill Element’.

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