Bar tables

Bar tables are a diverse group and include a wide range of designs and approaches, from formally and materially innovative, to understated and functional, and everything in between.

Almost archetypal, ‘20-06™ Square table’, designed by British architectural firm Foster + Partners for emeco, is a tall bar table with a 4-star base, made from brushed aluminium. Another seemingly typical bar table, Romano Marcato’s ‘Rondo’ for lapalma, has a round laminate top and a height-adjustable, chromed steel leg, so it can also be used as a regular cafeteria table as well.

Marcel Wanders’s ‘container table new antiques’ for moooi takes inspiration from traditional turned furniture, and features a central, ornamental, polyethylene leg, and a round tabletop. Conversely, Tokujin Yoshioka’s approach in Desalto-manufactured ‘Element Bistro Table’ could not be different: he fragments and deconstructs the central leg into two intersecting, slanted prisms, and attaches a square base and a top, uniting this abstract composition in black.

And while Slide’s ‘X2’ bar table is an internally illuminated sculpture, it retains a sense of formal abstraction, with an square top and an X-shaped support; Eero Aarnio’s ‘Screw Table’ for AELTA delivers on its promise, being a large, fiberglass sculpture of a screw, as if it was being driven into the ground.

However, the aforementioned bar tables have their limitations, and cannot readily accommodate larger groups of people. Elongated, rectangular bar tables, such as Jacob Mark’s wooden ‘piedmont’ by Skram, a sober, rectangular table with two solid sides, can accommodate several patrons at any given time.

Gijs Papavoine’s ‘Double’ by Montis is another rectangular bar table, with a graceful support structure, which includes a footrest, or a stability bar, depending on who you ask. Friis & Moltke Design’s ‘K2 Talk’ Bar table is a similar design, through it is narrower and its detailing is more abstract. Helland’s ‘Wing Table’ combines materials and mounts a narrow, rectangular, wooden tabletop on two, 4-star steel legs. Finally, Quinze & Milan’s ‘Room 26 Bart Table’ defies the orthogonal morphology, instead presenting a gently curving tabletop with organically formed wooden supports and irregular bracing.

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