Bar tables

Whether it’s for informal outdoor gatherings, or more formal events, tall bar tables can create a pleasant, relaxed setting and form a perfect spot for a bit of light refreshment and and small-talk. As with all garden furnishings, bar tables are made of materials that are able to withstand the elements, although they can just as easily be used indoors.

Take ‘Knockout’, manufactured by Friends & Founders, a round steel bar table supported by a single column, featuring a spherical base. Andreas Krob’s and Björn Olsson’s ‘Robinia with tabletop Elegance’ by nanoo by faserplast has four diverging robinia legs supporting a square, fiberglass tabletop. French architect Jean Nouvel’s ‘Mia | 415H’, on the other hand is an all-steel, angular bar table available in four bold colours.

Wolfgang Pichler’s ‘Home High Bar’ by Viteo is an elongated, understated bar table with a teak top and a rectangular steel base. Rodolfo Dordoni’s ‘PLAZA 067’ is a pared down, traditionally constructed, square bar table. A wholly different approach can be seen in A-cero's ‘Wing table’ for Vondom, a dynamic, swooping sculpture made of plastic. Kenneth Cobonpue weaves a seductively curvaceous base out of rattan vines over a steel frame and tops it with an elliptical glass tabletop in ‘Manono Buffet table’. Although Chris Martin’s ‘Tio Circular Bar Table Metal’ by Massproductions has a self-explanatory name, it fails to capture its delicate, expressive, steel rod base and polyester coat available in eight vibrant colours.

Alessandro Lenarda’s ‘Conus’ by Metalco Home is an a brushed-steel bar table with rounded edges and includes a Murano glass candleholder in the middle. ‘Pop garden table’, designed for Miiing by Laurent Minguet is a smooth, tear-shaped, powder-coated steel column with a planter in the middle and place for glasses around the edges. Finally, Alain Gilles’s quirky, yet practical ‘Mange debout’ bar table by Qui est Paul? has a large plastic foot, which can store ice and drinks, surrounded by a lowered, free-form glass top.

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