Bar stools

Bar stools are essential for a large garden party and the sheer variety of bar stool designs is sure to suit anyone’s taste. Furthermore, even though the furnishings themselves are suited to outdoors, they can just as well be used inside, and simply brought out when the sun is shining.

Take Karim Rashid’s ‘Vertex stool’ by Vondom, a contemporary cantilever bar stool with a triangulated structure, made by rotational moulding. Casamania-manufactured ‘Kant’ is another design by Rashid, transforming the bar stool into seemingly dripping and oozing pools of polyethylene. Ramón Esteve’s ‘Frame stool’ by Vondom is a restrained, robust cubic frame holding aloft a square seat.

Iampalma’s ‘Lem’ bar stool, designed by Shin and Tomoko Azumi, is a classic, steel seat with a protruding footrest mounted on a single, swivelling foot. ‘Stil’ is a stacking bar stool, designed by Patrick Norguet for the same company and features a curved wooden backrest and a round seat, supported by a visually light, steel structure. Naoto Fukasawa’s ‘Déjà -Vu Stool'is a pared-down round bar stool made of polished aluminium. ‘Mia | 412’, on the other hand, is a minimalist, angular design by the French architect Jean Nouvel, available in several bold colours and made out of steel by EMU Group.
Kenneth Cobonpue’s ‘Yoda Bar Stool’ combines a sleek steel structure with a seat woven from either polyethylene fibre or nylon twine, where the strands forming the backrest are left to protrude loosely upwards. Konstantin Grcic’s ‘Miura stool 8200-00’ for Plank is a stackable bar stool has an unusually characteristic form, somewhat reminiscent of a constructivist installation. Sottsass Associati’s ‘Faiututtotu’ by Serralunga is quite the opposite; here the barstool consists of a series of stacked, rounded, colourful discs. This cheerful design is also made of plastic.
And while Oscar Zieta’s ‘3+ Barstool’ is a rational piece made by bending an inflated sheet of perforated aluminium, Marc Sadler’s ‘Voilà’ for Slide is is mushroom-like, elegant bar stool that can be specified with internal LED lighting.

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