Bar counters

Bar counters are an ideal furnishing to ensure the success of a grand garden party. Often found within large private estates, hotel resorts or convention centres, bar counters represent the ultimate in casual outdoors relaxation, though utmost care has been taken to include practical storage space as well as ensure their long lifespan.

Some bar counters are relatively straightforward, such as Tribù’s ‘Mirthe Party table’, designed by Fabiaan Van Severen and Wim Segers. It is an understated, tall, rectangular table with curved edges, made from aluminium in order to assure easy maintenance and suitability for outdoor use. Manutti’s ‘Aspen cocktail bar’ is made to match wicker furniture and is woven from synthetic fibre over a metal frame.

Ramón Esteve’s ‘Faz bar counter’ is a crystalline design that can include integrated lighting to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Archivolto’s ‘Fiesta’, on the other hand, is a smooth bar counter with internal storage space and its translucent incorporates coloured internal illumination. Both of these designs are manufactured by Vondom.

Such sensational nighttime atmospheres can also be created by the sensuously curving ‘Baraonda’ bar counter by MYYOUR or Claudio Dondoli’s and Marco Pocci’s ‘Tetris’ bar counter, which resembles a series of stacked rectangular volumes. The latter’s table top can be specified in brushed stainless steel to increase its longevity and make it easier to clean. Lastly, Slide produces a large number of modular bar counters, such as ‘Ice bar’ or Giò Colonna Romano’s ‘Break Bar’. These can be combines together or used in series to create larger bar ensembles.

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