AV trolleys / stands

Effective use of audio-video equipment requires efficient storage, mounting and sometimes even mobility around the office. Accordingly, designers and manufacturers offer a wide range of designs that are certain to fulfill users’ disparate needs.

Michael Hilger’s ‘Rackn’Roll’ for Müller Möbelwekstätten is a tall, open cupboard which can be wheeled around the office and act as an AV trolley, lectern or even a small, portable food dispenser. Same could be aid of ‘On Time’ AV stands by ACTIU, which are modelled on airplane trolleys and can be used as storage cabinets as well. Johannes Scherr’s ‘Media | Caddy’, also a mobile cabinet, can be specified in a wide array of colourful variations.

Luciano Pagani’s and Angelo Perversi’s ‘Move.010’ for Unifor features a long steel base mounted on castors, a central support column and a height-adjustable shelves, and is equally suited as an AV trolley / stand or a mobile library. Caimi Brevetti’s ‘Socrate Carrelli’ is a metal shelf, supported by a robust, steel-rod skeleton and serves as an exercise in austere,industrial aesthetic.

Andreas Störiko’s ‘Confair Server’ for Wilkhahn features a robust, central, metal column with a four-star castor base and three shelves, serving both as an AV stand and an AV trolley. Wiesner-Hager’s ‘flex-table Media trolley’, designed by Martin Ballendat, is similar, though the platforms are oval in shape. Urs and Carmen Greutmann Blozern’s ‘Wallstreet Office Network’ is a comprehensive, height-adjustable, castor mounted desk that can double as an AV trolley.

Standing designs are just as varied. From Steelcase’s ‘Plurio’, where up to three video screens can be accommodated on a single beam, supported by a central pole; to Marc Briefer’s ‘W8 Media Column’, a pared-down AV stand, reduced to a simple, rectangular form.

‘Floor’ by Spectral is an AV stand with a compartment for video equipment integrated at the base and a monitor arm reaching above. Finally, Sedus Stoll’s ‘Monitor Caddy’ is a tall AV stand, mounted on castors, with power and data outlets forming a part of its integrated cable management system.

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