AV trolleys

Whilst TVs, CD and DVD players and video game consoles can be integrated into either regular sideboards, or into specialist AV (audiovisual) cabinets, AV trolleys remain a practical alternative for those who require mobility or have the need to stow away their AV equipment when it’s not in use. As always, the choice to furnish one’s home with an AV trolley rather than an immobile cabinet can also be guided by aesthetics.

Take Isao Hosoe’s ‘Flò 1’ for Tonelli, a minimalist, wheel-mounted glass coffee table, which is nevertheless supremely practical, due to its generous, internal shelf space and its ability to bear the weight of a TV screen. Galotti&Radice’s ‘George’ AV trolley is also made from glass, but is essentially a low, open shelf with metal connecting elements. Coloured glass is available on request.

Jasper Morrison’s ‘Air-TV table’, manufactured by Magis, is a polypropylene AV trolley in the shape of a table, but includes a metal rack underneath the top for holding additional AV equipment. Flötotto’s ‘Profilsystem’ series of wooden, modular furniture also includes two AV trolleys, one is a low, long, half-closed shelf, the other is taller, cubical, open cabinet.

Nico Eenhorn’s ‘Base TV-Trolley with 3 shelfs’ combines three plywood shelves with cylindrical aluminium legs into a pragmatic, high capacity solution, and Spectral proves that not all AV trolleys need to be small sideboards of tables with wheels; the ‘Floor’ collection consists of AV stands, with a varying number of glass shelves attached to their central columns with wheels mounted on their bases.

Finally, Atelier Ateri’s ‘Brumbrum’ AV trolley is a formally robust, rounded, cartoon version of a cart, complete with a handle, and is equally suited to support a TV and store AV equipment, or to be used as a whimsical coffee table.

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