AV tables

AV tables product category comprises desks and tables which were specifically meant to accommodate audio-video equipment. These range from large desks that are designed around cable management systems, to more comprehensive designs that include integrated cabinets for CPUs.

Wiege-designed ‘Conversa’ AV table for Wilkhahn is an elegant, sober design that includes a practical and concealed cable management system right underneath its desktop. Casala’s ‘Temo Extended 6910’, designed by Jonas Kressel and Ivo Schelle, is an adaptable, modular AV table with a sleek metal base and a wooden desktop, which integrates a fairly large number of power and data outlets. Holzmedia’s large, rectangular ‘C6 Conference table’, as well as their aptly named ‘C7 Triangular table’ have extensive data connectivity. The former even features plug and play options. These designs are most suited to managerial and executive offices and meeting rooms.

James Burleigh’s ‘Osprey’ AV table is a large, modular desk programme with solid wooden legs and edge detail. It comes with the possibility of data and power connections and is suited to furnishing large-scale open-plan offices. Stefan Brodbeck’s ‘ Quba | Vitesse’ for Steelcase is a single desk with an attached notice board that doubles as a mount for a monitor arm and a privacy screen. André Schelbach’s ‘Smart Desk’ for Yomei is a pared down console with a polished, steel rod base, whose internal storage includes power and data outlets.

Another AV table is Sedus Stoll-produced ‘brainstorm’, designed by speziell®, a personal desk with a vertical cable guide and a small hatch for connections. It can serve as a stand for projectors, or as an occaional office desk. ‘STARON® Audio-Video’ by Staron and ‘Acuros’, designed for Müller Manufaktur by Helmut Voss, are both standing AV tables, the former a smaller square one, the latter offering a larger, rectangular desktop. Both are suited to reception areas and retail spaces.

Lastly, Albert Holz’s ‘Audience Executive’ is a comprehensive AV table, which integrates cable management and storage space for AV equipment into a contemporary, but representative, executive desk.

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