AV standers

In today’s offices and meeting rooms, flexibility and a high level presentation facilities have to go hand in hand. AV standers (for audio-video equipment) are an answer to these demands, providing a high-quality, flexible presentation facilities, eliminating the need for fixed, underutilised multimedia system in every meeting room.

Manufacturer CBS produces two distinct solutions, though both are marked by expert craftsmanship and attractive design. ‘CBS VCALL’ is an understated AV stander, which offers sufficient space in its support to integrate and conceal all the necessary connecting cables. Additionally, it includes a mount for a video-camera, can hold up to two screens, and can be moved around on a castor base when needed elsewhere.

‘AVALL Complete’ by the same manufacturer includes all these options as well, but provides an additional camera mount above the screen and an extra storage compartment. Both AV standers are designed to be used during videoconferences as well.

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