Auditorium seating systems

Auditoriums require slightly more multifunctional seating than theatres and cinemas, because apart from hosting various performances or screenings, they often accommodate lectures and seminars, which requires a more active participation from the audience.

Therefore, auditorium seating systems come with additional features that enable such multifunctionality. For example, the folding organic sculpture of ‘Tulip Single Armchair’, designed by Bartoli Design for Lamm, as well as its variation, ‘Tulip Armchair on beam’ feature plushly upholstered seats complemented by a folding tray desk and sit on a base of tubular steel. Giovanni Baccalini’s ‘Thesi’ auditorium seating system for Ares Line combines a plywood seat shell with upholstered pads for comfort, and a full, engineered wood desk at the front, complete with an aluminium modesty panel.

Isao Hosoe’s dynamic and bold ‘Dune’ auditorium seating system by ARFLEX is wholly padded in foam and conceals the folding tray desk within one of its armrests. Åke Axelsson’s ‘Zen Auditorium’ seating system consists of a single, upholstered, organically shaped armchair, reminiscent of classic, midcentury designs and rests on a single, steel column. It also includes a folding tray, as well as a folding seat.

Designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel and manufactured by FIGUERAS, the sensuously curved ‘13108 Lyon’ is another exemplary and comfortable auditorium seating system, which can be specified to fit any and all imaginable requirements. On the other hand, Jouko Järvisalo’s ‘Less’ for Mobel is completely different; a stark, minimalist composition of angular, powder-coated steel elements, reminiscent of early suprematist compositions.

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