Audio systems

The most important aspect of audio systems is the sound they produce, and this selection only features products which satisfy the highest standards. However aesthetic diversity, from minimalistic to traditional to formally experimental might also be a factor when choosing from two already excellent sound systems.

Take Ron Arad’s and Francesco Pellisari’s ‘Freewheeler’ audio system for NAC Sound, a speaker in the shape of a bulky disc that produces stereo sound from only one element, and is crafted from high-quality lacquered wood. Another daring design from Francesco Pellisari is ‘Ingo’, a dish-shaped audio system that produces superior sound and is a perfect centrepiece of any decorative display. ‘Omni’ sound system is also part of this range and is a slim, elegant pendant with a glossy ceramic body. All the above have built-in amplifiers.

For separate amplifiers, look to Klaas Arnout’s ‘Asano P1’ or ‘Asano P5’ sound systems manufactured by Basalte. Both are angular, minimal prisms that are easy to set up and operate via ethernet. They are ideal for larger restaurants, hotels, reception spaces and even homes. Another essential part of any AV system is a microphone. Ralf Kücher’s ‘Versis Microphone’ for ELEMENT ONE, or ARTHUR HOLM’s ‘Dynamic talk’ are both up to the task. Both can be easily integrated into complementary furniture.

Then there are more traditional sound systems, manufactured by the specialist brand ‘PIEGA’ and designed by Hannes Wettstein. Consider the 111-cm tall, standing speaker ‘Coax 30.2’, whose main asset is its finely-drawn sound image. ‘Center Premium small’ sound system is a sleek, wall-mounted, central speaker. For listeners who cannot go without deep bass, the sculptural and formally pure ‘Subwoofer PS1’ assures the highest possible performance and forms a perfect complement to PIEGA’s regular speakers. Lastly, ‘AS 3’ audio system is an unconventional, but compact speaker that excels in mid and low frequency range.

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