Adjustable beds

The bedroom is no longer just a place to sleep, but also an private place to relax. Adjustable beds combine the comfort of one’s own bed with multifunctionality, offering a surprising range of solutions, which transform the bed, as well as the bedroom, into a place for leisure and interaction.

Bolzan Letti’s ‘Pon Pon’ appears to be a fairly conventional bed, albeit with a plump, upholstered headboard. However, this adjustable bed features a large internal compartment for duvets and pillows, which means it can be used as a large daybed for reclining during the day. ‘Miami’, another adjustable bed by the same designer and manufacturer, is a modular round bed with reclining headboards and functions as a lively centrepiece in a large bedroom.

‘Swing’, manufactured by Wittmann, is a double bed, whose two constituent halves swivel out from the headboard, which not only helps while cleaning under the bed, but creates various possibilities for daytime use as well. ‘DS 1164’ and ‘DS 1165’ adjustable beds, both designed for de Sede by Hugo de Ruiter, allow for free positioning of the headboards around the beds’ perimeter, which transforms these adjustable beds into a large, responsive sofas.

Another approach, demonstrated by the manufacturer Swissflex is the integration of various technologies into a single, unified design. For instance, the model ‘swissbed silhouette’, designed by Oliver Conrad, combines lighting, a sound system, bedside shelves and adjustable mattresses into a minimal, carefully crafted composition.

Andreas Janson’s and Matthias Kulcke’s ‘Ying Yang Bed’, comprises of two slatted frames that slide into one another, and are able to accommodate a range of different-sized mattresses, or can be tilted to create a frame for a sofa. And finally, Irina Belan’s ‘Booklet’ adjustable bed, for Milano Bedding, omits all constructional elements: it comprises of a series of smaller, upholstered elements can be stacked and joined together to create beds, simple sofas, ottomans, and other informal seating arrangements.

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