Luxonov families

Beyond necessity
With trusted craftsmen, young designers, experienced technologists and engineers all together, LUXONOV's team contribute to make our products known for their excellence as much as their contemporaneity.
LUXONOV products highlight numerous hotels, mansions, offices and even boats, fulfilling high aesthetical and technical expectations in the most creative interior design projects worldwide.
Switches, sockets, card readers, motion controls among other LUXONOV products, are all made from the finest alloys and with the highest care. An endless quest for perfection along with a hand-crafted approach allow a LUXONOV product to be regarded as unique. These manual processes grant our designers with the liberty to create customized products following our customers most advanced requests.
All style of coatings
With its unique range of shades, LUXONOV offers a rare capacity to fit its products in any type of architect or designer interiors.
All the polishing and coatings result from crafted work making each product unique, with a degree of precision only achievable by man's hand.
Touching and feeling our products instantly highlights what makes the difference, beyond necessity.
Our 11 standard coatings:
- 01 Mirror Brass (01 LM)
- 02 Brushed Brass (02 LB)
- 03 Old Gold (03 VO)
- 04 Medium Bronze (04 BM)
- 05 Dark Bronze (05 BR)
- 06 Gunmetal (06 CF)
- 07 Mirror Nickel (07 NM)
- 08 Brushed Nickel (08 NB)
- 09 Mirror Chrome (09 CH)
- 10 24K Gold (10 OR)
- 11 Matt Gold (11 OM)


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