ENVATECH families

ENVATECH origins date back to 1979, at our founder’s (Jose Mª & Antonio Marta) family’s garage. Both already had experience producing screens before starting this new company, which back then made partitions under the name of Hermarta. Due to production needs in 1989, the production company moves outside Barcelona, to provide a better service and increase stock.
ENVATECH’s creation in 1995 comes from the will of distributing our own products, under the premise of being a differentiated product in interior architecture. In 2001 is when we moved to our current location in Mollet del Vallés, with a goal to increase production and stock space. ENVATECH went from having a small 40m2 workshop, to over 2.000m2 work space. Our production and sales departments are experiencing a remarkable growth due to the market’s demand.
Since 2004 we have been opening new stores beyond Barcelona, such as Girona, Tarragona, Bilbao and Badajoz. In the coming years we will expand our influence to Madrid and Toledo. In 2011 we opened new stores in Morroco and France.


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