Arthesi families

Kitchen Atelier since 1979
Arthesi is an Italian company specialized in creating tailor-made high-end kitchens.
The projects are realized in close collaboration with international partners, architects, interior designers, construction companies and general contractors. The projects are managed by the commercial headquarters in Vicenza and by Arthesi technical office.
The internal design office, often engages in designing of unique pieces and provides specific technical support to professionals involved in the project.
The most used formula is "turnkey", which allows Arthesi to control the project from the early designs to installation on site, thus ensuring high quality in all stages of the process.
The manufacture is rigorously Italian, everything is made in Arthesi by qualified staff, performed following rigid quality standards of process and product.
Arthesi design process aims at developing contemporary kitchens, contaminated by classics and Deco elements.
An Arthesi kitchen has a strong personality, declined, time by time, to peculiar needs of the customer.


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