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Our panoramic windows combine long-standing expertise from the areas of metal windows, glass and facade construction.
The aim of Krapf was to develop an easily slideable, completely sealable glass window system in a glass facade, fitting flush to floors and ceilings, which will provide the highest degree of comfort and meet the highest building and aesthetic standards.
air-lux has used its many years of experience in facade construction, and its experience with metal windows, to develop an innovative large surfacearea glazing system that can be fitted into the overall aesthetic characteristics of a building, without sills.
air-lux is an innovation of the facade construction company Krapf AG (Ltd./LLC) Switzerland and is planned, manufactured and installed by the company itself. To date, 300 properties in Switzerland and abroad have been successfully fitted with the system.
How the air-lux product developed
2003 Development of the air-lux innovative sliding window system with inflatable rubber seal
2005 Onward development as well as the integration of a profiled window frame system
2006 System extension with the 157 air-lux series and inclusion of triple insulating glazing
2007 Application made for the internationally patented air-lux® brand name
2008 Certification with the burglar-proof Resistance Class WK2 and WK3 by the 'ift' Product Testing Institution of Rosenheim, in Germany
2009 Entire air-lux system range available in 'building bronze', an alloy widely employed in the building construction industry
2010 air-lux patent granted, air-lux 165 MINERGIE module sliding doors
2011 air-lux 173 MINERGIE module sliding doors / air-lux safe
2012 air-lux series 173 / air-lux connect launch, fusion of aluminium and wood
2013 Integrated drive technology / air-lux connect, fusion of aluminium and bronze
'CE' Conformity
'IFT' System Pass for Windows to meet ..


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