ABC Cucine families

'abc cucine' is a historic firm. In fact, the trade mark was created in 1972 and the owners, the two brothers Paolo e Walter Crippa, represent the second generation of a family which has always made furniture for kitchens.
It was in that year that the productive know-how of an important German firm was purchased and a productive process very similar to that of 'just-in-time' took place.
'abc cucine' has always been a small firm. In fact, it has never been our ambition to become a big company but to pursue quality as regards the service and the product. It is our opinion that a company may be a great company without having to be necessarily big.
'abc cucine' is a producing firm. This last statement is not an obvious one in a world in which companies have limited their role to that of mere assemblers. At 'abc' we produce both the body and the doors. The only jobs that are done outside are the polishing, the lacquering, the making of steel pieces and the cutting of glass.
The jobs done inside the company meet the needs of the clients successfully because they focus on personalised work and deal with jobs whose measures are not standard.
As a matter of fact that in 'abc' we think in terms of 'system' rather than 'model' which means that the great number of available raw materials are used by the designer clients, using new mixes now and then in order to create the 'ad hoc' kitchen which is either highly appreciated by the retailer or meets the needs of private clients.
An example: in the image of product n° 1 of our web-site, we present a kitchen made in natural oak with horizontal grain, with stainless steel handle achieved by the use of laser cutting technology, a worktop 60 mm H. and a natural oak plinth 13,3 cm H.
Should the client choose to have it made with increased capacity carcass (high cm 82,3 and depth cm 70,2), made in oak of different colour and with vertical grain, should he want to ..


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