Porcelaingres collections

Going global made in Germany with porcelaingres:
The name sounds French, the mother company is Italian, the production is located in Spreewald (Germany) and the showroom to be found in Berlin. These porcelain stoneware products of the highest quality convince architects worldwide.
The company is situated in Vetschau since 2003, where the fine porcelain tiles are produced according to the highest technological standards.
Responsibility for social relations and sustainable economic activities are most important factors for the company. With one of the biggest and most state-of-the-art tile factories, completely dedicated to a sustainable production of material, porcelaingres has tremendous possibilities for implementing even the most fancy product ideas.
For our young, creative team a tile is not just a tile, but a design element for individual living space and lifestyle creation. Always seeking for new ideas, designs and technological possibilities, the company works together with leading architects and interior designers in order to develop functional solutions with innovative looks.
Non-conforming, open-minded towards innovation and aware of the bigger picture that’s what makes up being successful for the company. The concept, of this still young company is best represented by the new showroom, sized 1.100 m², in Berlin-Kreuzberg. It points out the understanding of concepts, marketing and sale, which distinguish porcelaingres from other companies. It’s a design Mecca for architects, a melting pot of architecture, art, industry and spirit of the age, inviting everybody to exchange new ideas.


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