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OUT SYSTEM: more than a simple wall covering
Outdoor Unconventional Texture - is the innovative mural decoration solution developed by Wall&decò based on the research for new shapes and applications for mural finishings. It has been specifically conceived for application on outdoor surfaces (OUT SYSTEM OUTDOOR) and in damp environments (OUT SYSTEM WET).
Three elements, one system: the specific adhesive, the technical fiber with graphic prints, the specific protective finishings. OUT SYSTEM OUTDOOR, the outdoor wallpaper
OUT SYSTEM OUTDOOR provides a new declination of outdoor mural decoration allowing traditional materials and coatings to assume unexpected forms and lines for a surprising interpretation of mural finishings for the exterior and facades.
- 10 years guarantee
- specific for outdoor use
- for multisurfaces
- only 1,2 mm thick
- rapid installation
- resistant against humidity, shock and abrasion
- ideal for building restructuring projects OUT SYSTEM WET, the shower wallpaper
OUT SYSTEM WET is the new technical finishing for damp environments such as bathrooms, spas, wellness and fitness centers with high decorative value, primary function of wallpaper, and highly innovative technical feautures for a new destination of use and performances. It is a valid alternative to traditional wall finishings and its specific configuration allows applying on vertical surfaces made out of cement, mortar, plasterboard, concrete, wood, plastic, glass, pvc and also directly on ceramic tiles.
- specific for damp environments
- allows to confer a high decorative expression to bathrooms and showers
- resistant against water and humidity, yellowing, abrasion and the attack of common domestic detergents
- easy to install also on existing wall finishings
- only 1,2 mm thick
- building waste materials are limited as well as dust and noise


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