OGGI Beton collections

 OGGI – exclusive variety in concrete  
Concrete is a tactile, natural construction material which can be used to create classic and modern designs and surfaces, offering innovative solutions for interiors and exteriors. The sleek surface has great visual appeal and the silky soft material simply calls out to be touched.
Reinforced, self-compacting, high performance concrete will produce very smooth, low porosity surfaces. At OGGI we’re proud of the precision of our moulds. We aim for SB4, the highest category for fair-faced concrete according to the applicable German standard, in all our work. Along with high surface quality, OGGI’s concrete has a high flexural strength (12 - 15 MPa), compression strength (≥100 MPa) and is exceptionally durable (resistant to freezing, de-icing salt, resistance to abrasion).
OGGI manufactures bespoke items and components to your specifications, and we offer a wide range of different colours and forms in the segments kitchen worktops, washbasins, planters and doorbell panels. From clear, minimalist design to softer, more organic shapes, with etched ornaments, textures or lettering, OGGI products add exclusivity to your kitchen, bathroom or garden.


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