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NOODLES NOODLES & NOODLES Corp. manufactures und distributes the AUTHENTIC FURNITURE collection since 1992. These functional and handcrafted pieces of work are made from natural raw materials such as steel & wood and are built in tradition of the technology of the golden days of craftsmanship.
The designs are inspired by classical functional industry furniture from the 19th century. All works are done in the principle that , with angle iron, flat iron, steel sheet, pipes and rivets, everything can be made - cabinets, shelves, trays, over bridges to the Eiffel Tower. The combination with brushed solid wood rounds off the program accordingly. The AUTHENTIC FURNITURE collection is suitable for home and for work. Noodles traditional manufatured furniture is built for generations, all items are handcrafted and built with the highest care in Europe.
NOODLES NOODLES & NOODLES Corp is located in Berlin.
The entire AUTHENTIC FURITURE collection is shown on:

as well other ranges, such as the WHITE LINE collection.
Noodles Noodles & Noodles Corp.

Schönhauser Allee 156

10435 Berlin
Tel.: 0 30 / 440 454 93


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