Meson's Cucine collections

MESON’S underlying values are the reason for its considerable manufacturing and commercial success. These values have been maintained by the Piovesana family who has remained present in MESON’S for over 4 decades. Excellence, best engineering practice, entrepreneurship and a strong moral compass have been applied to the group over 2 generations who have been directly and practically involved in both day-to-day management and manufacturing.
Our aim is to carry on building a MESON’S brand that reflects not just what we deem as the highest standard, but that customers are delighted to live with every day. To MESON’S, a new customer is both the result of the satisfaction experienced by the previous one, and a new and exciting challenge for us to meet.
MESON’S quintessential reason-to-be is to satisfy and delight the most demanding and discerning clients.
We excel at one thing: Kitchens! We imagine, conceive, design, trial, and manufacture kitchens tailored to different types of families and clients who have expressed their own specific needs and wants. We thrive on different and very demanding customers and look at them as a great opportunity to improve what we already deem as excellent, because we are passionate about kitchens and manufacturing them to the highest standard.


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