Kuopion Woodi collections

Kuopion Woodi Oy, established in 1994, manufacturers furniture for public premises. The furniture is used in kinder gardens, schools, dormitories, senior houses and many other public places. The furniture from Kuopion Woodi has also been used in many homes, especially in children´s rooms.
Since the start of the company Woodi has had a vision to produce “furniture for people”. The Woodi furniture matches with the tastes of most people, it is produced by using durable materials and finished skillfully. The target in design has been the desire to create design for daily life. Woodi´s production is based on the knowledge of traditional Finnish wooden furniture production, especially furniture produced from leafy trees. The main raw material is solid birch, highlighted with colorful laminates.
The slogan of Woodi is “for people – naturally durable” which crystalizes the basic values of Woodi.


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