Appiani collections

Appiani. Ceramics with superior aesthetic appeal for architecture; the guarantee of no constraints to creativity and no limits to functionality. Individual pieces and flexible modules enabling designers to create combinations, designs and layouts with great decorative finesse and architectural value.
Layouts that illustrate the creativity of life and the inventive flair of their designers. Appiani has rediscovered the appeal of materials from the past like mosaics, offering colours, shapes and finishes to create surfaces using a variety of materials and blocks of multiple colours by combining shapes and dimensions of traditional ceramics.
Production is divided into complementary products, made using various production technologies that can be combined with one another. The “Monopressocottura” technique is based on the use of dry pressed glazes and clays for the production of the ceramic product.
The high firing temperature guarantees exceptionally durable and hardwearing products, ideal for countless potential applications as floor or wall coverings, indoors or outdoors. “Bicottura” or double firing has two separate firing cycles, first for the ceramic body and then the glaze, which is applied at a second stage.
This technology is used to make ultra bright or matt surfaces with excellent colour definition, mainly for wall coverings. “Glazed porcelain stoneware” is made by firing a compact support at extremely high temperature after its surface has been coated with prime glazes that are particularly hard wearing. It is used for floor coverings in residential or commercial buildings subject to moderate levels of foot traffic.
Appiani mosaics has actively promoted its products on the Italian and international markets since it was first founded in Treviso in 1873. After initially focusing on the production of friezes, pan tiles and bricks, widely acknowledged for their high standards of quality in Italy and abroad, it ..


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