Werner Aisslinger was born in 1964

Studied Design at University HdK Berlin

freelancer at Jasper Morrison and Ron Arad, London and at Studio de Lucchi, Milan

since 1993
running "studio aisslinger" in Berlin, developping products, design concepts and brand-architecture

1994 - 1997
visiting teacher at HdK Berlin and Lahti Design Institute, Finnland

1998 - 2005
Professor at product design department at Hochschule für Gestaltung, Karlsruhe


The future of design

Designing at the beginning of the 21st century will overcome the stylish minimalism of the last decade, with its inovation based purely on shape. Instead, there will be a return to parameters that have always been the basis of new epochs and dimensions in design: the sophisticated use of new materials and technologies. Historically, exciting, visionary and pioneering designs have always rested on the transformation of materials and technology into a new context.

Today's lightning-speed technological advancements have led to the appearance of three-dimensional fibreglass, gels, aluminium foam, three-dimensional textiles and neoprenes from which entirely new products can be created. Aesthetically, the design of these future products will be utilitarian, organic, reduced, soft, puristic, poetic, modular and nomadic.


As we are facing a next step in the evolution of the economic world - the event society or event economy - the products of the future will combine functional aspects with certain built-in event facilities. Eventually the act of experiencing products will become more important than functional or technical considerations and designers will have to be ever more sensitive to the dialogue between emotions and technology.


The distribution of products will also alter radically within the next 5 to 10 years: Every single product will have a small chip inside, that will - whenever you focus it via wireless communication - show on the display of your cellular phone name, producer, distributer and the opportunity for orders right away.

So the search for the right chair for your home will not mean a shopping tour through all furniture outlets in your city - whenever you pass an interesting chair - whereever in the world - you will be able to order it right away. So the pure design quality will be a major decision factor for e-commerce-consumers in our next future.

Personal approach to design

- designing modular units
(for nomads as well as for growing families)

- finding what comes next
(going beyond actual borders of asthetics, materials, approaches, technologies)


* Hotel of The Year, Expo Real, Munich, for "hotel daniel"
* Red Dot Award, Essen, for "loop"
* FX Award UK "Best System Furniture", London, for "level34", Vitra
* Premio compasso d´Oro, Milan, for "plus unit"
* Red Dot Award, Essen, for "cube"
* Red Dot Award, Essen, for "plus unit"
* Compasso `d Oro-selection, Milano, for "soft chaise"
* Selection Centre Georges Pompidou "Carrefour de la création", Paris, for "soft chaise"
* ADI Design Index, Milan, for "soft chaise"
* Red Dot Award, Essen, for "x-table"
* Selection bio 17- design biennale, Ljubljana, with "soft cell"
* Blueprint 100 % Design Award, Lodon, for "soft chaise"
* Selection bio 16 - design biennale, Ljubljana, with "juli chair"
* Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany, German Design Council, Frankfurt, for "endless shelf"
* Compasso `d Oro-selection, Milan, for "endless shelf"
* Design-selection Red Dot Award, Essen, for "endless shelf"
* Wogg Design Preis, Zürich for "x-system"
* Design Plus, Frankfurt, for "otto chair"


* Corian(R): 40 Years / 40 Designers at Design Within Reach-Meatpacking/Chelsea Studio, New York City
* Suitcases from Berlin - Koffer aus Berlin, M Project Galery, New York
* Full house, Installation at "Haus am Waldsee", Designmai, Berlin
* Loftcube, Fuori Salone, Exanasaldo, Milan
* Corian(R): 40 Years / 40 Designers, Corian Design Store, Milan
* Design Seating for Design Eating, Fornasarig, Triennale, Milano
* Books, Installation at Christuskirche, Passagen Köln
* Second Skin, Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein

* Lightwave presentation, Blue Collection of Bombay Saphire at Lichtwerk Altona, Hamburg
* FSB, Stilwerk, Berlin
* 5x5 Project-Designers & Producers, Interieur, Designregio Kortrijk
* Create Berlin "Best of Berlin", as a part of "Red Moscow", Moscow
* Sitzen ist Kunst, Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin
* Loftcube, ArchiSkulptur, Kunstmuseum, Wolfsburg
* Second Skin, Zeche Zollverein, Essen
* Loftcube, Eighth Belgrade Triennal of World Architecture

* Loftcube at Woonmecca, Maastricht
* B to B, Brussels
* Berlin Design / Designyoungsters, Seoul
* Jung + Deutsch at Hillside Terrace Gallery, Tokyo
* Vitra Level 34 presentation at Semperdepot, Vienna
* Loftcube, Deutschlandschaft at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London
* Vitra Level 34 show, Brussels
* About Design during Tendence Fair, Frankfurt
* Vitra Level 34 show, London
* Anders als Immer, german design exhibition at Townhouse Gallery, Cairo
* Jung + Deutsch, design exhibition at edisonhöfe, during Designmai, Berlin
*Vitra Level 34 at Pfefferberg during Designmai, Berlin

* Loftcube, Deutschlandschaft, Universität Hannover
* Loftcube, Deutschlandschaft, German Pavillion, 9th Architecture Biennale, Venice
* Shades, Salon du Meuble de Paris
* Pappilan, European Tour

* Pappilan, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
* Loftcube, tHuis Front 2, Amsterdam
* Werner Aisslinger at Holesovice Brewery Villa during Designblok, Prague
* Construire l'éphémère, EXPO.03, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
* Loftcube, on the universal music building, during Designmai Berlin
* Made in Berlin, Vitra Design Museum Berlin
* Habiter la lumière, French Cultural Center, Milan
* Take a Seat, Vitra Design Museum Berlin
* Living in motion, Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein
* Milan in a van, Victoria & Albert Museum, London

* Chairs, Alina Gallery, Mallorca

* Exhibition Compasso D´Oro, Pallazzo Trienale, Milan
* Drive-in, internationbal design project by bibi gutjahr -in opposition to automobile autism -, Cologne

* Aperto Vetro 2000, Museo Correr, Venice
* soft cell™- down light, Galerie Fiedler, Köln

* Identity crises; the 90´s defined, Glasgow
* soft cell™ galeria la posteria, Milan