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Waves are ubiquitous in nature. Our senses are appealed by waves in the most diverse ways. Everybody knows the fascination of contemplating moving water surfaces with their ever recurring, nonetheless never identical patterns. Sound waves are not bound to a surface and therefore expand freely within the room. While perpetually changing their shape and character, sound waves move through space and time simultaneously and thus an additional, the fourth, dimension arises. Guided by nature’s aesthetic use of forms and shapes, the inventors of WAVE were ambitious to create a powerful, innovative and classic design. In their playful use of smooth and fluent forms, they succeeded in shaping structures which live up to the characteristics of an actual wave, their role model in nature: An undulatory design with an appearance as variable as the perspectives from which it can be looked upon. The constantly growing array of WAVE products is developed in cooperation with the SPÄH consortium, an internationally renowned specialist in the processing of synthetic materials of all kinds with more than 30 years experience.

“WAVE Design Solutions” is the name of an interdisciplinary team which develops innovative and unprecedented solutions in the realm of industrial design. Consisting of experts in different spheres, namely Professor Claudio Hills, communication designer, Thomas Petzoldt, aerospace engineer and Thomas Gruber, engineer of interior architecture, the “WAVE Design Solutions” team creates timeless as well as technically and aesthetically sophisticated elements of interior design. The here presented WAVE system is one of the products that has emerged from this comprehensive field of work.

With the innovative product line “WAVE”, the team has succeeded in creating inherently consistent and harmonious combinations of form and function which are guaranteed to be manufactured in compliance with up-to-date production standards. The sole principle upon which the WAVE system is conceived and constructed is that of the wave as a physical phenomenon. Therefore, the shape of all WAVE elements corresponds to that of actual sound waves. Consequently, their applicability in the realm of acoustics seems obvious. The WAVE design contributes to any room’s aesthetics and the product is perfectly suitable for subsequent installation in an already fully equipped interior. When being back-lit, the acoustic absorbers generate smooth and diffused light-and shadow-effects.

Product group: Partitions / Space dividers Break-out / Privacy areas Living room / Office accessories Wall coverings Wall decoration Ceiling systems Suspended ceilings Acoustic ceiling systems Ceiling elements Modular spaces Curtains / Blind systems Partition systems Room acoustics Wall pictures Sound absorption
Designer: Thomas Gruber Claudio Hils Thomas Petzoldt
WAVE Design Solutions
Waldhof 1
88512, Mengen
Phone: +49 7572 769 404
Fax: +49 7572 769 405
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