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wallunica Wall / Ceiling finishes
Bespoke Wall Design

wallunica was founded by Ingo Claus in 2010. The idea behind the company is to make high-quality, large-scale prints easily accessible to interior architects, exhibition designers, artists and photographers, on a global basis.

As a specialist for large-scale wall installations, wallunica offers professional solutions for each and every wall design idea. Our service is unique since we can produce your design in your chosen format on just about any material you choose, and deliver it anywhere in the world.
wallunica Wall / Ceiling finishes
Unlimited opportunities for interior design

The wide variety of materials we offer opens up a wealth of opportunities for interior design in offices, exhibitions, trade fair stands and the home. wallunica’s high-quality wall decorations can be produced produced e.g. on wallpaper, foils, metal or wood and can be relied upon to fulfil even the high demands of the hotel and restaurant trade.
wallunica Wall / Ceiling finishes
Short delivery times even for complex projects

Each wall design is custom-produced using state of the art machinery and is both technically and visually of the very highest quality. And a further advantage: we guarantee short delivery times, even for complex projects, meaning swift and high quality realisation of your ideas. Simply send us your wall design:

wallunica’s special production processes facilitate the manufacture of every kind of large-scale print, in small quantities. wallunica offers eye-catching, spectacular alternatives to mass-produced wall designs.
wallunica Wall / Ceiling finishes
Ideal for interior architecture and exhibition design

Architects and interior designers; as well as stage-, exhibition-, event- and trade fair designers all over the world have already discovered wallunica’s bespoke wall installations. The possibilities for use are as varied as the projects themselves: wallunica’s wall designs endow offices, apartments, shops and restaurants with a unique look, and they feature on variety of mobile trade fair stands.

Galleries specialised in wall design

Our galleries at contain thousands of individual images and designs that are especially suited to the production of large-scale wall decorations. To this end wallunica works with artists, designers and photographers all over the world, and is always on the look-out for new talent.
wallunica Wall / Ceiling finishes

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