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Vauni - Scandinavian ethanol fireplaces
Fire has been an important part of Scandinavian cul- ture for thousands of years. In the northern climate its heat and light have been absolutely essential. Just as the hearth in olden times spread warmth and was a natural gathering-place, a flueless open fireplace from Vauni contributes the same features to the modern home.

With flueless fireplaces, Vauni takes the fireplace into a new era. Our ambition is to unite tradition with contemporary needs. We strive for attention to the genuine and original, at the same time as we bring in up-to-date, energy-efficient technology.

The products are developed with a focus on design, precise work and quality. In short, this means beauti- ful and robust flueless fireplaces that give the user joy and lasting value for many years.

Design philisophy
Designing a fireplace that paraphrases the profound tradition of wood-burning represents a great challenge. For in this process the fundamental nature of what fire brings about – warmth, harmony, joy – must never be overlooked.

Vauni’s design philosophy emanates from the user’s emotional need for fire. Much care is devoted to making the products flexible and attractive for people with varying require- ments, tastes and living situations. We design unique products that communicate with the user. All materials are carefully selected to harmonize with the value of fire and to express aesthetics, quality and warmth. Consequently, the fireplaces are beautiful, both with and without a fire burning.

Head of Design, Vauni AB
Markus Grip (born 1977)

The same enjoyment & warmth but without any soot or ash
Vauni fireplaces are powered by pure bioethanol. Unlike traditional fireplace constructions, no chimney is needed because the residue products of combustion are the same as in ordinary exhaled air – heat, water vapour and carbon dioxide. Vauni’s flueless fireplaces are easy to use and require only minimal installation, thus providing superior functionality.

A flueless Vauni fireplace gives the same pleasant warmth and light as a wood-fired open hearth, but without any trouble, soot or ash.

Safety & quality
As the owner of a Vauni product, you can be sure of the highest possible technical quality. Our products are designed with a focus on safety and are certified according to European norms. They are powered by the market’s most advanced and reliable ethanol burners, developed for optimal properties of operation. All materials are fire-resistant and carefully selected to harmonize with the value of fire and to express aesthetics, quality and warmth.

All Vauni products are manufactured in Sweden which guarantees high product quality as well as ethical working conditions.

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Vauni Fire
Stena Center 1D
41292, Gothenburg
Phone: +46 31 722 79 30
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